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Questions we are frequently asked:


How do I get my username and password for the patient portal?

If you e-mail Jerry Devine at devineobgyn@att.net he can reset your username and password.  Please do not e-mail medical questions as this is not a secure e-mail address.  If you click on our devineobgyn logo it will take you back to the home page and there is a client log-in tab that will take you to the portal link. 

How do I email your office staff?

If you are moving and need to email a release of records form or a non-secure email to the office staff the email address is devine_coonobgyn@yahoo.com.

Do you do obstetrical surgery?

Yes.  Dr. Devine and Dr. Coon are trained to do obstetrical procedures including vaginal delivery and cesarean sections as indicated. We do external cephalic version in the hospital.  We do not offer vaginal breech delivery. We support vaginal birth after cesarean in informed patients if you have had only one or two Cesarean sections.  We can treat miscarriage and ectopic pregnancy surgically or medically after we evaluate your risks and benefits.  Please view the page Obstetrics for more information. Dr. Devine will no longer provide obstetrics services after 12/31/2019

What Gynecologic surgeries do you offer?

Hysteroscopy with biopsy; Novasure Endometrial Ablation; Laparoscopic evaluation of pain or abnormalities;  Laparoscopic treatment of endometriosis, ovarian cysts, tubal pregnancy or adhesions;  Laparoscopic tubal ligation for permanent contraception.  

Most patients who require hysterectomy are good candidates for vaginal hysterectomy. Laparoscopic assisted vaginal hysterectomy and laparoscopic hysterectomies are also offered by Drs. Coon or Devine for patients with more compicated problems.  Da Vinci Robotic surgery is also offered.  We do hysterectomy with an abdominal incision if you are not a candidate for one of these more minimally invasive procedurea.  Please view the favorite links page of this site for more information.

Do you do procedures in your office?

We prefer to do hysteroscopy and endometrial ablations at the hospital or surgicenter.  We do endometrial biopsies and colposcopy evaluations of the cervix at our office.  We will perform loop excisions of the cervix (LEEP or LETZ) at the office.  We offer Mirena or Paragard IUD placement  and Nexplanon at our office. There is more information and links to these sites on the favorite links page of this website

What procedures do you refer to others? If you prefer to have a Novasure endometrial ablation or the Essure procedure in the office setting, Dr. Ronelle Burley (806)722-1253 does these procedures in her office.  We refer our patients who desire bladder suspensions with Tension Free Vaginal Tape placement to a urologist (usually Carl Britton, MD at Cornerstone Urology).  We refer patients who have masses which are suspicious for cancer to a gynecologic oncologist.  We refer patients with infertility or complex reproductive endocrinologic problems to Janelle Dorsett, MD or Drs. Jennifer Phy or Huang at Texas Tech HSC.

Will you manage my problems without surgery?

We will almost always offer at least one non-surgical option to your gynecologic problem.

Do you have an ultrasound machine?

We have chosen not to do ultrasounds in our office. We have come to rely on the quality of scan with the perinatologists and radiologists with their trained technicians. 

What hospitals do you prefer?

In order to simplify our work outside the office, we prefer to provide obstetrics and gynecology care at University Medical Center.  We have privileges at Covenant Hospital.  We also occasionally do outpatient surgery at Northstar Surgical Center.  Dr. Coon has privileges at Lubbock Heart Hospital.

Covenant Hospital offers Da Vinci Robotic Surgery since 2005 and University Medical Center began its DaVinci Robotic Services in 2013.

Do you take my insurance?

We are on most commercial insurances.  We are not Medicaid providers.  Many of our patients are Teamchoice including UMC employees.  We are on Blue Cross and Blue Shield and Firstcare. We have a structured program for self pay patients and provide a discount in the costs if you pay in advance. We continue to be a Medicare providers, but if you are on Medicare for pregnancy, we recommend you see obstetrician who takes Medicaid. 

Will you be my primary care provider?

We prefer for you to have a separate primary care provider.

Are you taking new patients?

Both Dr. Devine and Dr. Coon are not currently taking new gynecologic patients.  Dr. Coon is accepting a limited number of new patients for obstetric care and ongoing gyneclogic care after their deiveries. 

Who is in your call group?

Dr. Devine and Dr. Coon come in to care for their own patients during the weekdays.  On weekends and holidays, or if your physician is out of town, Dr. Devine and Dr. Coon will provide care for each other's patients.

We find it comforting to know that UMC and Covenant both have board certified obstetricians on the labor units 24/7 in the case of emergencies while we are en route to the hospital.  




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